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Environmental Chambers

Environmental chambers are required to ensure the strict integrity of certain types of products, whether they are electronic or even biological. The express purpose of these types of chambers is to prevent any possibility of contamination, which would either reduce the efficacy of a product or render it useless entirely. At AFS Climate Technologies, we understand how environmental chambers can be of crucial importance to your business and how such chambers need to be precision built pieces of equipment.


Due to the exacting requirements, we ensure that not only is our staff trained properly, but that all of our machinery is routinely checked to ensure that the work performed with our equipment is of the highest standard.


We then apply our extensive experience gained from both previously completed projects and technical training to produce a range of environmental chambers that will meet the most rigorous of standards. We also employ a variety of quality checks throughout the manufacturing and installation process to ensure that standards are maintained and the product’s integrity is not compromised in any way. We also offer warranties on all work done so that you can rest assured that in the unlikely event of something going wrong, that we will be more than happy to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


For the best quality environmental chambers in Rockville or the surrounding area, contact us today at (301) 424-4910.

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