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Controlled Temperature Units

Controlled temperature rooms are used in a wide variety of industries, ranging from the automotive to the electronic and even pharmaceutical. The common point that all of these industries have is that precision is the key to ensuring that products are manufactured to exact performance specifications, which is only made possible through the use of a precisely calibrated controlled temperature room. With such a fine requirement, only the best controlled temperature rooms will do and that is exactly what we at AFS Climate Technologies provide. We custom design each temperature room to your exact specifications through a comprehensive consultation process to ensure that your business has the means to ensure its quality levels are maintained.


We ensure that each one of our installations meets the following requirements:

• Wide range of temperature settings to accommodate a variety of storage uses

• Precision calibration for exact temperature settings

• Option of air or water cooling system along with a combination of the two

• Rigorous quality tests


Along with the requirements mentioned above, we are also able to make custom specifications such as strict access control, double door entry systems to ensure the temperature is maintained in temperature controlled rooms, remote controlling systems and even air curtain systems. The best way to see which system is going to meet your exact needs would be to contact us and have one of our engineers come see which solution would be best suited to your particular site. This would allow us to provide a custom solution geared towards your company and budget.

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