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Climate Controlled Units

Climate controlled units are essential for the maintenance and longevity of certain products, especially in the food industry. We at AFS Climate Technologies are experts in both the design and manufacture of such units, along with the maintenance of pre-existing units. Our staff members are experts and will be able to offer advice on a high quality solution that will not only perform to specification but that will be an asset to your organization. Whether you are looking for vertical or horizontal cooling systems, or would prefer a climate controlled unit that functions in a very specific way, we have solutions that will meet all requirements and budgets. In the event that you are worried about system failures, we also offer the option to include multiple redundancy and backup systems for the complete and total peace of mind.


Temperature controls that are exactly calibrated to meet your requirements along with solid build quality are just some of the exceptional product features that you will get from our climate controlled units. Hot or cold, we are able to provide expert advice and products that will perform to not only meet and then exceed any standards. Precision, quality and passion are hallmarks of our trade and we strive to maintain this in absolutely everything that we do. We embody a company ethos of perfection and as such, are so proud of our work that we guarantee your satisfaction.


Don’t delay any longer; get in touch with us today at (301) 424-4910 for all your climate control needs!

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